Crashing Safari 3.0.2 for windows Step by Step

Friday, July 13, 2007
Safari for windows 3.0.2 Crash Step by step

The Bug come from activity window wen manage
diferents tab accross the activity window.
I report it to vendor and they working for
debugging this flaw and others (i think).

Version afected:

Safari for windows 3.0.2 (512.13.1)
i don´t know if this issue colud be done
in other versions.

And i don´t know if with this issue a local or
remote user can execute code.

Let´s Go

1 - open a safari window.
2 - open a new tab in the same window (now we are in the second tab)
3 - open Window/activity (we have the two tabs)
4 - click on the first tab in the activity window (safari crashing)

other way :

1 open a safari window ( window 1 )
2 open a new tab in window 1
3 open a new safari window (window 2)
4 open a new tab in window 2 (now we are in the window 2 tab 2)
5 open window/activity (we have the four tabs )
6 doble click in any tab of the window 1 (safari crashing)

I working in a html file to demostrate that this posible vuln can exploit
by a remote user. Any sugention or idea are welcome to
Thnx to all !!

Whatch this 'mov' to look the step by step with the video:

Thnx to estrella to be my ligth.
Thnx to all Lostmon Team !!!

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