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Tuesday, May 09, 2023

 Lostmon disappeared a few years ago. My way of working and the excessive hours in front of a computer, coupled with high levels of stress and family problems, have led me to a situation where I feel trapped and unable to escape.

Everyone must fight their own inner demons when they come to visit.

Reality is just a point of view, and even when we see reality with our own eyes, it can vary and differ from another observer's perspective.

This has led me to suffer from a mental illness called bipolar schizoaffective disorder. 

Dealing with my enemy is not easy, and I do not want to feed my demons, but computing, PCs, hardware and software, as well as bugs and other technological worlds, have become a mere anecdote in this daily struggle.

Thank you to all who supported me and believed in me one day.

Good luck, peace and harmony to all!

la curiosidad, es lo que hace mover la mente...




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La curiosidad es lo que hace
mover la mente...